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Kevin O’Connell is a maker of Handmade Storefront & Commercial Signs & Murals as well as offering full Graphic Design and Pre-Press services including Graphic Design, Advertising Design, Brochures and Logo Design. Based in South Orange, New Jersey, Kevin works in the NYC Metro area, but has traveled as far as West Palm Beach, Washington, Boston and Philadelphia

Ever since he can remember, Kevin has had a pencil, pen or brush in his hand. It may have been the prophetic gift of the Speedball No.5 pen set from his sister Maura in 1965 or marveling at his father Gene’s amazing calligraphy hand. In any case, the writing was on the wall…


For more than thirty years, he has been painting letters and pictures on every imaginable surface, from billboards to brick walls, storefronts to stage flats, gallery walls to canvases, museums to kitchens.

His years painting huge pictorial signs in the outdoor advertising industry taught him how to work at unimaginable scale and to satisfy the most demanding art directors in New York City.

He has brought his craft tradition to the 21st Century, working as a computer-based graphic designer, bringing his old school skills to a new trade.

The tangents he has followed along the way have introduced him to many colorful and talented artists. Working with Kevin on the facade of the St. James Theatre in NYC, Le Roy Neiman called him “the man with the touch for the Grand Scale”. Felix Gonzales-Torres appreciated his love for “beautiful typeface”.

NYC Camel Martini CityRib-Queens Sonia Gaslamp Geralyn's Art Studio-Maplewood NJ Carmelita's Delivers! Charleston after Charles MacIntosh Giant Steps-South Orange NJ N is for Nash 56 Degree Wine Sign Installed-Bernardsville, NJ Refundo-Electrified Rusticated...Foamcore? Ironworks Art Center  Old School Painted Sign  Orange NJ M&K Jewelry Ad Felix Gonzales-Torres  Portrait  Fabric Workshop-Philadelphia Felix Gonzales-Torres  Sheridan Square NYC LeRoy Nieman  Busker's Alley  NYC A Gift From LeRoy Neiman Geralyn's G Book of Kells Rapid Realty Brooklyn NY Kennedy's Westfield NJ Bruce Whipple's Mini @ Speed Blu Door Cigar Lounge Logo EIES Logo CHS Ultimate Disc 1968 The Villa  Llanfair  Wayne NJ Wisteria Lighthouse-Wide Load Levi's Silvertab  NYC Carmelita's of Hoboken  Maplewood Nj Urban Femme Trompe l'oeil Giant Garlic  Grovers Mill NJ Stomp  Bleeker Street  NYC
Felix Gonzales-Torres Portrait Fabric Workshop-Philadelphia

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