What’s Happening

More Hand Lettering, and Electric Signs! Sign and Mural projects in the pipeline and recently completed. Architectural signage and Vinyl installations,too.
Amazingly, there are still people like Richard Tuttle and the Pace Gallery who value hand-lettering, the thing that I have been doing since grade school, when my classmates thought it was funny to call me the “Human Typewriter”. Guess what? I was secretly proud of that!

Maximum Scale Up Apprentice Declan Maximum Stretch Maximum Surface Maximum 7x7x7 Luna Stage Halo Luna StagePanorama East 53rd NYC East 53rd NYC 2 14th Floor Top Secret Holley's Seafood Sketch, the germ of an idea Holley's Photoshopped Installing Holley's Seafood-Maplewood NJ Holley's Seafood-Maplewood NJ Holley's Seafood Vinyl-Maplewood NJ Cedar Ridge Cafe & Bakery  Maplewood NJ Mark Murphy's Music-Painted Logo-South Orange Mark Murphy's Music  South Orange Blue Moon Brewing  Newark NJ Refundo-Electrified Rusticated...Foamcore? 56 Degree Wine Painted Sign 56 Degree Wine Sign Installed-Bernardsville, NJ Giant Steps Mural Maquette-South Orange Giant Steps Mural-Ready to Install Giant Steps-South Orange NJ Morgan Dental West-Millburn Nj Morgan Dental East-Millburn Nj Morgan Dental Interior-Millburn Nj Studio 509-Maplewood NJ Studio 509-Maplewood NJ New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble-Summit NJ Phase 2-New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble-Summit NJ Installing Cha-Mai's Hand Painted Lettering for Pace Gallery- Richard Tuttle- Frieze Art Fair Hand Painted Lettering for Pace Gallery- Richard Tuttle- Frieze Art Fair Lobby Map Capital One Bun DMC Capital One Bun DMC Market 34 Market 34 Sketch Market 34 Big Chuck's Path IC Flag Steps Aerial IC Flag Steps Declan ICFlag Steps Charter School Harlem Bldg 4 Wayfinding Bldg 5 Wall IC Coffee Logo IC Food Hall Declan IC Food Hall Columns IC Planters IC Wooden Planter Ticket Master LIVE NATION LiveNation Bar LiveNation Conference LiveNation Street LiveNation Vertical Mailroom Gal Mailroom Guy MailroomWarren Maplewoodshop Quill Maplewoodshop Truck Manhattan West NYC Sports New York Logo Sports New York Tagline SNY Studio 31 SNY Studio 41 SNY Studio 42 Pier 62 Kiosk Sisense NYC Green/Yellow Sisense NYC Big Sisense NYC Blue Green Sisense NYC Sisense AZ Sisense AZ Big Wall StubHub Broadway StubHub Office Jolly Roger World Wide Wickets Brand Lab
Hand Painted Lettering for Pace Gallery- Richard Tuttle- Frieze Art Fair

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